0-3 mm sand:

This product is used primarily as a building/ plaster sand. Variation of this grade of sand are used in the surfacing dressing of playing pitches of which there are many examples such as the new pitch construction at Clonlara GAA Co. Clare, 2013.

This variation of 3mm sand is also used on race tracking such as Tipperary Racecourse, 2013. Similarly, this sand is highly usable in the construction of horse arenas and gallops.

0-5 mm sand:
This product is chiefly used in the production of concrete products and is widely used by concrete manufactures. A variation is also used in paving work and indeed as a fine filter in golf and pitch design together with some water treatment systems.

Yard sand:
Used primarily as an insulator/cover for electrical cables etc: …It is also used on some specific sites as a filter and also slowing down water for percolation problems

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